1. Boxcar Racer

From the recording American Experiment

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He bought me a box car racer
And walked out the door --
What he was chasing --
Got lost --
Along the way --

I left ‘em in February
With only what I could carry
A bad man’s last -
Bad mistake.

You can abuse me baby
You can reuse me maybe
We’ll head down south --
And catch a break.

I’ll be your sanctuary
The fear of the fall don’t scare me -
We’ll rise from the fire
And fuck with Fate --

You always split your aces
Said you would show me
All the places we…
Could run away

The savior was wearing glitter
The dust of a thousand sinners
Through my skin
And in my veins

I was left blind but breathing
I found the belly of the -
Beast in me --
Along the way

I roll like a box car racer
Out of control and what I’m chasin’
Got lost
Along the way