1. If I Could

From the recording American Experiment

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The hero in the forest, and the water in the oil --
The bullet in the barrel and the blood in the soil --
The magic in the mercy, and the drunk in the choir
Saving all the rubble from the fortress in the fire --
If… I… could

Baby’s broken open and she’s seeing for the first time –
Her veil’s falling open and she’s bathing in the bright light --
Blinded by her shadow, and it’s getting hard to see her --
I’d tell her that I love her, and I’d tell her I believe her --
If… I… could

The third shift’s shattered, and they’re looking for a payback --
Marching in the streets prophesizing what they’ll take back --
New found rage in a lost generation --
There’s color in the cracks of a broken-hearted nation --
If I could…

Moon-dripped drama on a midnight rough-ride --
He came out swinging like hero in a gun fight --
He falls out of focus, but he’s always a believer --
I’d wet a thousand towels just to try and break his fever --
If… I… could

If I hold on…
If I hold on…
If I hold on…
If I hold on…