1. Hotel Nowhere

From the recording American Experiment

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Silk and lace
My saving grace
I lost a lie
And found a place
Know that I am nothing
Without you –

Fill your lungs
And pump your blood
And God and sex
And holy guns
I ain’t going nowhere
Without you –

Feel the pain
And feel the sun
And hold on tight
And have your run
And I will be the one
You run into --

Lose your soul
And dig your holes
And fuck things up beyond control
I promise
I’ll be Waiting here for you --

So pull apart
And break my heart
And strip me of my
Useful parts
Everything I am --
I give to you

Feel your way
And fake your brave
And hold on tight
Between the waves
And in the Rye
I’ll be there catching you –

Feed your soul
And fill your holes
With blood and faith
And skin and bones
This I will forever
Promise you --

Find your truth
And find your light
You are my truth
You are my life
I’ll kill or die
To try and get you through.