Our music is an oddly literate, completely eclectic approach to fuzzy, tweedy, garage-y, country-tinged, stomp and clap American rock-n-roll. Sometimes singer/songwriter, sometimes loud and unapologetic – our songs are a little whiskey soaked and world weary – but always leave a little room for redemption.


Honey I Believe

Trickshooter Social Club

This is a song about redemption, resiliency and the sublime freedom of saying f*ck it. In this song - our female protagonist is simultaneously filled with hope and hopelessness, fear and fearlessness, despair and ecstasy. She decides that she believes she can change everything. The "Honey" she is talking to is, of course, herself. And she does, in fact, change things. She grabs her partner, her regrettable cigarettes, and her dignity, and she hits the road in search of her own demons and angels. And she finds a glimmer of something that looks like truth among the ice machines and Bible drawers of a questionable Motel somewhere in East Tennessee. May we all be so lucky.

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Previous events

Trickshooter Social Club

Steppenwolf Theater, 1650 N. Halsted, Chicago, IL 60614

Trickshooter Social Club brings their critically acclaimed new album, American Experiment, to life with an unapologetic look at the beauty, volatility, possibility, and absurdity of the American Experiment we are all living. Equal parts rock concert and old-fashioned hootenanny, this is a night of storytelling through roots-rock, alt. country and dirty blues – an unironic attempt to get at something like truth – to build an evening of genuine community through words, music.

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